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  1. The license was expired... It's since been sold and renewed. Thanks for your interest just the same though J.
  2. Wow $35??? If you haven't sold it yet - I'll take it! Sent from my Galaxy Proclaim using Tapatalk 2
  3. NOW AVAILABLE: vBSEO license Make An Offer OR Buy It Now: $90 ---- You save $59! This license will be renewed once purchased. The vBSEO lifetime license includes access to upgrades and vBSEO Priority Support for 1-year. Thanks for your interest! J.
  4. NOW AVAILABLE: vBSEO license and vBGeek Modifications ONLY BIN: $90 ---- You save $59! This license will be renewed once purchased. The vBSEO lifetime license includes access to upgrades and vBSEO Priority Support for 1-year.
  5. Oh - I meant to say the vBSEO license is still available though. I'll PM you shortly. J.
  6. Sorry. I thought my post was clear. I've edited the op... What I mean is that the vBulletin w/ vB Blog license has been sold. The current bid is $175 for the rest or $140 for the DBTech account only. Let me know if interested! Thanks, J.
  7. vB / vB Blog license has been sold. CURRENT BID: $175 for all | $140 for for DBTech account only. BIN: $225
  8. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's wishing everyone a prosperous and joyful 2013! J.
  9. Apologies for the delayed response guys. I'm not sure why I didn't get any subscription emails for this thread... The current bid is $175 for the entire bundle. The BIN is $360 - meaning you can Buy It Now for $360 - Like Kirk said or feel free to make an offer Absolutely correct. The vB Blog license is attached to the vB license and cannot be separated = Needs to be sold together. At anyrate - thanks again for the interest. Make an offer guys. It's a really sweet deal. J.
  10. Selling a vB 3 with LOTS of EXTRA STUFF! See http://extralicense.com/threads/vb-3-8-license-many-many-extras.882/ for details.

  11. I recently migrated my poetry forum from vBulletin 3.8 to the xenforo platform. My vB forum was quite custom with a lot of additional functionality and modification. So I have the vB w/vB Blog license and a MANY MANY extras that I offer for sale in a bundle. What's included: vBulletin 3.8.4 with vBulletin Blog 2.0.2 vBSEO (requires $35 to renew for newest version) The vBGeek Modficationsfor vB 3.x: GAZ: Geek Gazette Newsletter GARS: Geek Article and Review System [*]DBTech Account (all recent versions including vB 4.x | Lifetime licenses NEVER EXPIRE! | $1000+ valu

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