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  1. I'm living in both worlds:D Can't leave the windows world:(
  2. All my android and my win10 products will be replaced to christmas with apple products .. Not quite sure if i like this move or not:D But my girlfriend bought the 2 complete apple packages as christmas present for us:D (2 watches , 2 iphone6s, 1 ipad , a new 15" macbook ) She got bored of my daily drama about how cool win10 is and then 10 minutes later how horrible it is..
  3. I said nothing :P Thanks for the donation :D

    1. starship


      Sorry, i don't speak english! I didn't understand what you've been talking about:P

  4. i was really hopping that we'll see xf 2.0 soon, because it was announced almost 1 year ago. We all know, xf 1.0 took them only 1 year to code it (under much presure) and now they have a regular income and another developer, why o why, does it take them so long and why are they wasting their time with 1.5?
  5. It seems that nobody cares about vb5 prices;)
  6. Also only a PC guy ( Probably because ive never used a mac )
  7. For me too (Specially because off the price.... as usualy => i have no money...... ) my new bbq + good music + cocktails/beer and my "pool" But it's not really a vacation:( I'm still coding, but it doesn't feel like work and this 4 months long:) I wish we would have 33°C the whole year ( i think i have to move away from austria)
  8. only 10$
  9. nothing in the error log (server error log, not xenforo;) should be in /var/log/nginx/ or something similar)?
  10. Still searching for a license? I want to sell mine ASAP (it's including also a enhanced search license)