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  1. i need one active and also with transfer fee i dont have more than 100$
  2. And also how much will be for the expired one 85$? with transfering and renewing?
  3. This would be good. add me on skype: abdallahkoraim i will take 1-2 days to prepare the money and show you on paypal then send it to you 90$ plus transfer does it contain anything and its active right?
  4. How can he get his account back i need to buy it. try to let him talk with the IPB support.
  5. Things to consider when listing your Invision License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade I need an IPS license 2. When does it expire? I need it active doesnt matter when 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Ya 4. Any Screenshots? hope you can submit with your listing a screenshot of its active time 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. I am willing to pay 70$ or 90$ for the license with transfer fees and 70 without the transfer fees. Skype: abdallahkoraim If you have a license and you want to make a partnership with me i am ready too
  6. You can call IPS sales fast call them fast bro so you can get it bro you are the one who payed for it and also you are the one who knows the the site url of you account you can get it banned for him and get it back for your self go to invision power board home page and click on online or offline sales live chat and send them a message and they will relpy you back fast and after you get it bro i need it from you with real money.
  7. i may get it from you can you add me: wearespecialists
  8. Okay, i need the whole account without transferring or even renewing anything would you accept 80$? i am open to discussion on skype: abdallahkoraim
  9. Okay, i need the whole account without transferring or even renewing anything would you accept 60$? i am open to discussion on skype: abdallahkoraim

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