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  1. Hello there, i'm looking to sell my premium web design agency(Interactive9) for $1450 Revenue: It made one sale worth $6000 for a 10-page webflow website in july, but had to refund the client as i couldn't communicate properly with the freelancer to get the site done. The client paid an advance of $3,112 which is refunded It has the following: -> Premium Unqiue Website Design with Geotrust Premium SSL -> Certifications from Google, Bing, SemRUSH, and Hubspot -> Listings in top design directories like topdesignfirms.com, clutch.co, goodfirms -> Partnered with talented and vetted freelancers to work with you on a project-to-project basis Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
  2. Rich Dropper posted a new classified: [plain]WTB WHMCS Owned Legacy License [branded or Unbranded][/plain] Read more about the classified...
  3. My license is valid even to the latest version, v3.3.1. Support expired on aug 14,2014.
  4. Hi. My skype name: steadybytes About the price. I made a foolish offer earlier to sell the license for $300 when I still remembered falsely this was branded license. I should have asked for $100 more ;) But anyway. Since I already said $300 I stand behind it. It's super cheap price to get early license that has tons of free plugins. With new licenses you must pay for every single plugin you want to use. -Kurt

  5. blesta is fully open source and very good for developers like you. just for this hostbill, how much do you want
  6. Would you like to trade it for a blesta unbranded license?
  7. Hello. I'm interested for a whmcs license, let it be branded or unbranded. I'm only going to deal through here, simply paste your whmcs ticket id in which your license is verified by whmcs team. Thank you.
  8. Hello. I want to sell my blesta owned and unbranded for a price of 120$+paypal fees. It's sold for 300$ directly on their website, so it's a good deal if you compare. Thank you
  9. That is good to hear. I'm sorry for being pointless. Good Luck selling your license
  10. It'll be helfpul for the buyers if you can post the ticket id in which whmcs staff has verified that your license is eligible for transfer. There is nothing that expires never. As you can see, support/updates expire 6th May 2015. Very curious, why would someone buy from you at 260$ where it's avaliable for 249$ on their website ? Just think and keep your price realistic.
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