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  1. Hey all, looking for some feedback on a new platform we're about ready to launch in a couple of weeks. It's a project and task management platform. I'm looking for feedback on how we can improve. It's free to sign up without any credit cards or anything, only thing it will cost you is a little bit of your time Any feedback is appreciated, keep in mind still in testing and there are a few bugs/design fixes in the works. You can check it out here: Prodjax | Project Management | Team Collaboration Tool - Prodjax Thanks again!
  2. Big-Board.net - Expires 2/23/2014 ForumHQ.net - Expires 4/8/2014 ForumLauncher.com - Expires 11/10/2014 ForumLauncher.net - Expires 4/8/2014 LearnSEOForum.com - Expires 11/8/2014 LOLForums.com - 11/5/2014
  3. Shopperpress - Wordpress shopping cart plugin. Comes with free upgrades and support for life. $60
  4. I have another IP.Board & IP.Content suite to sell. It's currently inactive. If someone wants to purchase I will pay the $40 to reactivate both and transfer. Cost for these is $185 total includes transfer fee.
  5. Want to sell my active IPS Community Suite. It comes with IP.Board. Selling for $120 that includes the transfer fee.
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