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  1. If you could go lower for the vb3 license then i will instantly buy that one. same with the vb4.
  2. Hey guys please offer me some cheap expired IPB license's as i am needing another. I would prefer to take the whole account and renew it at a later date asi have a up coming project soon so i am needing one. thanks! Edit: I can either trade you these 2 domains plus the forum forumheaven.net and forumregion.com and or pay for the license
  3. Can you go any lower? i mean i saw a VB4 license sold for 60$ on FP and this is vb 3
  4. im needing a VPS as i currently have a couple resellers and im wanting to merge it into one VPS and host all my clients and friends on that as well as my own site The VPS can be un managed i can handle it im a linux techi. Edit: I would also be accept a trade of a license of IPB and possibly Xenforo
  5. first domain im sellling is forumregion.com has no content or anything on it so willing to let at right price please offer Forumheaven.net I also have a site going but its closed down currently and im not working on it. It has a ton of posts and members over 200k posts and 44k members. Please offer on both site i am also willing to sell the database seprete just pm me or offer me i am needing some money for a VPS or dedicated (high end need to pay for it for a year so i will take that kind of trade if your willing to) but other wise its money only please thanks. Edit: I would also be
  6. PM me the url and price please and all that it includes with it as well as activity
  7. Can you please pm me link to the site and what is the current offer for the cummunity?

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