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  1. Yo Jono! Welcome aboard! Hope you'll enjoy posting on this site and that you enjoy reading my crappy opinions and comments! . Just kidding , nice to meet you and hang around for a while around here.
  2. Not really popular, but once you watch the first Ip Man movie, you kinda want to watch another one! Something about martial arts can really keep you coming back for more
  3. Hehe! Me too. I mean, mostly people will say aliens aren't real and then 5 years later aliens come here to Earth and land somewhere public, like a park! I would love to see the looks on the disbelievers faces when that happens. I just wish I'd still be alive by then IF aliens do come to Earth .
  4. I recently finished watching Season of the Witch. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great either. Ip man and Ip man 2 are awesome . Whenever I watch those movies, I get the urge to try to learn Wing Chun myself xD .
  5. I am the Angel Of Death, hear me rawr!

  6. Hey goblues, welcome to Extra License! hang around a bit and enjoy posting here , forum addicts are more than welcome . Considering I am one of them
  7. Yo Mikey! Welcome to Extra License and stay around for a bit! I myself usually sleep at 2 or 3 AM in the morning ^.^ . Enjoy posting here and have fun :]
  8. Hey Joen, hang around with us okay? Welcome to Extra License and enjoy your stay!
  9. Hello John, I hope you have a great stay here! Welcome to the forums! :]
  10. Hey there Hassen! . Nice to have you here . ^.^ Hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Adsense, easy to set up on your site and all you have to do is wait and see how much you've earned.
  12. Nice . A little pocket money for 15 minutes of your spare time is always a good thing . Aww I wish I at least tried to learn how to design when I had the time :|. Never knew people would be willing to pay me to design banners for them. Never knew where to look anyway
  13. So for 15 minutes work you get $20-$25 ? Where'd you find the people you design for?
  14. Err yeah. Exorcism of Emily Rose :s. That's what I was referring to in my post, I dunno why but things like that just scares the hell out of me. Especially since its based on a true story .
  15. I used to smoke about a pack a day , and then when I decided I'll quit, I did it slowly. I said to myself, " Today I'm gonna smoke only 10 sticks" so thats how it started. Each week I'll try and remove one or two sticks of cigarette until I was used to smoking just 1 stick a day. The candy thing is probably a substitute for smoking, I just got used to something in my mouth .

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