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  1. Hi Dan, I need your advise on vbseo license. i have a vbseo which i bought this year but now as you know vbseo website is down and there is no support. if i want to sell the license, how can i do that? can you please brief on this

    1. Dan


      Well, this is a tricky one. vBSEO is no longer a live project. so there is no way to properly transfer the license. Also, the license is still a commercial license so it isn't (yet) open source. Not sure what you can legally do with it.

    2. tradersk


      Thanks Dan for your response. How seller are selling vbseo license here? i saw couple of thread related to vbseo license.

    3. Dan


      I have no idea. Don't think any has sold since vBSEO shut down.