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Status Updates posted by Dan

  1. Dear Spammers, when you register with an India IP and you set your location to "New Yourk", you won't get far. Learn to spell your location

    1. Kirk


      Bahahaha that's really funny.

    2. Gilly


      Mate, what if they are lazy and they don't wanna scroll down to India? I do that on occasion since I don't wanna be scrolling forever lmao

    3. Dan


      My comment still stands. New Yourk is not how you spell New York.

  2. Hit me up if you need an IPS license

  3. Going to install a webcam based chat here to try out in the next coupole of days. Stay tuned

    1. Dan


      Up and running

  4. Dan

    Happy Birthday old man! Hope you have a good one.

  5. Dan

    Once again, thanks JackPH!

  6. Can You add me to the conversation

  7. Thank you very much for the donation!!

  8. I said nothing :P Thanks for the donation :D

    1. starship


      Sorry, i don't speak english! I didn't understand what you've been talking about:P

  9. Thanks for the donation! Really appreciate it.

    1. Oh-noes


      Thanks for having a place where people can conduct business. :)

  10. Dan

    Thank you very much for the support Shyuan!

    1. Shyuan


      No problem Dan, glad to see the site is still up and running (and improved) :)

  11. First license sold through the new classified system. #HappyDance

  12. Look for the new Classified Section this weekend. Beta of course.

  13. Thank you very much for the donation!!!!!!

    1. VANUCCI


      its a pleasure

  14. Dan

    Did you get your money back?

  15. Dan

    Thanks Jack!

  16. Bored with it.

  17. Thank you!

  18. Can You add me to the conversation about the XenForo license that you reported? Thx

    1. Sheders


      Hello, I added you to it. I'm still trying to get a way to verify it.

    2. Dan


      looks fishy.

    3. Sheders


      Yea it really does.

  19. Dan

    Thank you very much for the donation!!

  20. And another huge thank you!!!

  21. Dan

    Thank you very much for the donation!! Very Appreciated.

  22. Thanks for the donation!! Very much appreciated.

  23. Need an IPB License. PM me your price

  24. Dan

    Happy Birthday Kirk!

    1. Kirk


      Thank you Dan!

  25. Not necessary but thanks for the donation!!