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    Welcome. :)

    Welcome. :)
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    Good luck Kirk!

    Good luck Kirk!
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    Sold/Complete A few domains

    Thanks Dan. :)
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    Sold/Complete A few domains

    I have a few domains that people might be interested in. One is communepoint.com. Second,heavymetalsummit.com,third ,communehost.com. There going for $6.50 so ideal if you want a cheap domain with whoisguard included via Namecheap. You can make an offer too and I'll consider them...
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    Sold Xenforo..

    Sold Xenforo..
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    Sold/Complete Xenforo License For Sale

    Decided to keep the license, somebody made an offer of $40 but that does not meet my valuation of the software itself. Thanks guys.
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    How Long Should You Give Your Community An Opportunity To Grow

    I would say give it 12 months if you are serious but plan your marketing strategy before hand. Plan who your audience is likely to be. Right down in bullet-points what differentiates you to others. The costs your willing to spend on marketing and do research on which marketing service would...
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    Why Is Facebook So Popular

    Been using it for about 8 months now, to be honest it's same old. I don't use it as much but I do admire that in terms of social input it has kind of put a bit of life into forums.
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    Twitter - Why do you follow the people you follow?

    I do it so they follow back to be honest but I think it's more important to find those that you have a common interest with. Although most of the time my feed is absolutely cluttered with garbage. It's that aspect that needs changing. More control over what content is posted in your feed would...
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    How did you Find Extra License?

    Google, it's a great website Extra License. I was thinking along the lines of why there is not a website like this? And then I found you guys. It's interesting because licenses should be easily be able to be transferred without restrictions on websites. I'm a firm believer in that so you guys...
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    Sold/Complete Xenforo License For Sale

    Support is still active till Feb 12th 2013 by the way. And I'm able to transfer it now under the terms of Xenforo.
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    Sold/Complete Xenforo License For Sale

    Hello, I have a Xenforo License for sale for $85. Looking for a quick sale via paypal so for those interested let me know. I can provide proof I own the software via PM so let me know you've contacted me in this thread below. Thanks.