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    No the renewal cost for the forums only is $ 45 dollar for 6 months. So you still have half of the renewal period for free at the moment. Downloads and Gallery is $ 10 renewal for 6 months and Pages is 15 dollars. So the total renewal costs for everything except videos in april would be $ 90 dollar. From the Invision Pricing page: So you won't get billed, it's your own choice if you want to update in april of update later. And the software keepsp functional. You can always give him a decent offer and see if he accepts it.
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    Paypal is crap. I sold one copy of a forum software where seller started a dispute after 40 days that he didn't received the copy. I sent Paypal all screenshots of evidences like the conversations with vbulletin support and screenshot of my vbulletin account that the license doesn't exist anymore.I also told paypal the email adress of buyer to check his vbulletin account if that license isn't added to his account. I emailed vbulletin support for proof that this account is now added to buyers email adress. All i got from vbulletin was because of privacy shit they are not allowed to provide that data and best of all paypal favored his dispute even he provided no proof just a poor claim and i was the active one providing everything i had. Paypal always asked for a delivery proof.These fuckers don't understood it was a digital good even i mentioned it 100 times. So if you deal as seller with paypal be very carefull as its also easy as seller to get ripped off.
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