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    License was transferred. Congratulations!
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    Hope the sale goes well. Let us know when the sale is completed and don't forget to leave eachother some feedback!
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    "We were notified by your credit card company that you filed a chargeback against this transaction. We understand that the reason for the chargeback is that you never received the goods or services you purchased from the seller. No further action is required by you at this time. If you have reconsidered and would like to cancel this chargeback, please click the Cancel Chargeback button below to begin the process of cancelling this chargeback." Guess we'll see how it goes.
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    if anyone still wants to buy it , hit me up , it was not transferrable before , but i just got confirmation that it is now.
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    Thank you both for the kind words @just, @Justhollar Hopefully you get your situation sorted out soon.
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    Yes agreed, a few problems with vb transfer, but were getting the details with vb worked out This site is A++ in my book! will due more business here Great job Admin/Moderators!
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    Thank you, this site is very useful!