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    Good Evening all, Please DO NOT send any payments to staff for middleman service unless directed by Kirk to do so, We had a Gentleman send us a payment back in June that was unknown to us until now for something that he thought he purchased from us, we did not accept the payment so the Gentleman will be refunded however his money was on hold until now, again please don't send payments for anything unless directed by Kirk to do so. Just a reminder we do not sell nor hold any License sold here we are just middlemen to ensure both parties involved have a smooth Transaction, This is still a free service for Everyone. Thanks
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    Looking to buy an XenForo license View Advert Idk how these usually go but: price would like to be around $80 or $90 Advertiser Charon Date 06/29/2020 Price $80.00 Category XenForo  
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    Forum (Website, License) View Advert I'm selling a website, domain, style and license. Advertiser iamluca Date 06/24/2020 Price $300.00 Category XenForo  
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    Hi there, The themes look nice but you should get author's permission to sell the themes / transfer them that you've purchased from
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    Welcome to Extra License. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Bit late reply. But since IB took over vBulletin went down the drain, I wouldn't even consider that an option anymore. You might want to consider IPB or Xenforo. But imho the choice would be then Xenforo. I have Invision now for a year and it's also great but I like how Xenforo is doing things. Also faster with for example webp support (IPS doesn't see any use in this so they just won't do it). And you can't even sell IPB if you're done with it. Xenforo can at least be sold once.
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