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Warning new Scammer Gregory

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Today i've became an new pm message about an xenforo license and suggested the scammer to add me (i didn't know that he was an scammer) and he added me.

I've was gonna to buy the license but i've searched for a while 3-5 minutes for his details and sounds like spam the scammer's old nickname was : "jssaid" now suddenly i saw this https://extralicense.com/trade/feedback/beware-scammer-money-sent-no-reply-anymore.210/view thread and got saved my money.

This helped me also :


Real name: Jorge Said Santiago - Mexico

Homepage: Coreallsoftware.com

Email address: coreallsoftware@hotmail.com


Please in attention don't buy anthing from that scammer https://extralicense.com/members/gregory.4318/ and last message to admins i'd happy if the scammer get banned.


Best Regards

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