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vBulletin Connect 5.1.4 Alpha 7 is available to customers.

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We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.4 Alpha 7. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 120 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.4. In addition to fixing outstanding issues, we've added a few features and reworked Site Builder for better stability.


Site Builder Refactor

Site Builder has been refactored to edit the way it loads components for editing pages. Previously, you could break your page by adding improper HTML to the Static HTML or Ad modules placed on a page. In order to resolve this we had to make some changes to Site Builder. These changes include loading the Site Builder components on demand instead of every page load for administrators. It also involves changes to the Site Builder templates and JavaScript.


New Layouts

Six new layouts have been added to Site Builder in order to allow better customization of your sites. These new layouts are all three columns. You can see these layouts in the image below.




Auto-Subscribe to Content.

An option has been added to vBulletin 5, that auto-subscribes you to all content that you participate in. This was a popular option in previous versions of vBulletin. You can find this option in your notifications page after upgrading to 5.1.4. Selecting this option will automatically subscribe you to content when you make a post.


Who's Online

The Who's Online functionality has been updated to be more reliable. Both the Who's Online page and Module have been updated.


In addition to the above, we've made a number of additional bug fixes and small feature tweaks across the product. See the full list below.


Note: Alpha releases should not be used on live websites. You should install within a test environment.


See the full changelog here: http://tracker.vbulletin.com/secure/...&version=11060


Discuss this release here: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/node/4165482


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