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I have a vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite (with access to the 3.x version also) that I would like to sell.


It is a Lifetime License, I am the original owner, and it is legally allowed to be transferred. Proof is in the attached screenshots.


I am asking for $100 via PayPal, and this isn't really negotiable as I will already lose a percentage due to PayPal fees (I'm a Premier PayPal customer). I've PayPal verified and expect the customer to be also.


Thanks in advance for any interest!






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Hi Aliraza11,


Thanks for the interest, but you're too late unfortunately. The license is (all but) sold. I'm waiting on a PayPal payment for the full asking price. Once that comes through I'll confirm the sale here and close out this thread.


If the PayPal payment doesn't come through (though I find this extremely unlikely) then I'll update here and if you were interested in that scenario then my price would still be $100. As per my original post, I'm not open to negotiation.


All the best,


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