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how do you verify the buyer wont charge back

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If even bitcoin is decent as well coinbase.com is bitcoin provider granted escrow or just well known member of the forum is always good start.

paypal is nice but granted in the wrong hands of people these days they will scam you as fast you can say aww crap. :) As for escrow.com is very trusted as well I highly recommend it. I've done one transaction through them thought the guy was going to scam me however it turned out in my favor and the escrow company stood beside me all along.

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As far as I know Paypal disputes with digital or non tangible items are buyers risk.

A little bit of trust and a little bit of common sense will be your best bets.


Search usernames, email addresses, Check IP addresses.


If someone can hardly speak English, their profile says Michigan and the ip is from the Czech. Your sale probably won't end in your favor ;)

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