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WTB Woltlab Bulletin Board 4

WTB Woltlab Bulletin Board 4 Wanting to Buy

Accepting Offers
Looking to buy WBB 4 License, reply with what you got...
Who Pays the Transfer Fee?:


    1. 0Byte
    2. Shyuan
      Hi there,

      I have Burning Board (downloadable up to 4.0), Gallery (up to 2.0) and Blog (up to 2.0). Let me know if you're interested. And of course you'll need to be aware that to upgrade each of these (to be able to download BB 4.1, Gallery 2.1 and Blog 2.1), each of them are half the original price.
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      2. Shyuan
        Hi, the reason why I was asking that is because I don't think I can push only the BB to you. If I were to push the license to your account, the three have to go together. And my best price is $80 (including transfer fee). Thanks. :)
        Nov 22, 2016
      3. HangB
        not gonna lie it is a good deal... give me sometime to think :X may need to start working harder on my job lol
        Nov 22, 2016
      4. Shyuan
        No problem, have a think, it's not an urgent sale from my end. :)

        The price I offered you is that low because if I were to ask for higher price, you might as well get a new license instead. I considered what you will need to top-up/pay on top of it if you ever wanted to upgrade from v4.0/2.0/2.0 to BB 4.1/blog 2.1/gallery 2.1 (as far as I can see from my Woltlab account dashboard, I believe you can renew only the BB and leaving blog and gallery at v2.0).

        But what I suggest is, check out (and maybe just wait for) the new Suite 3.0 before upgrading from BB 4.0 to 4.1 - because Suite is in Beta right now.
        Nov 22, 2016