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  • This classified has expired.
vBulleting 5 + Connect

vBulleting 5 + Connect Wanting to Sell

License for sale

USD 90.00
Selling my vBulletin 5 + Connect license.

Price: $90
Buyer Pays Transfer Fee.

Images/screenshots can be shown upon request.
(This license never expires)

Message me if interested :)
License Expiration Date (if any):
Dec 31, 1969
Who Pays the Transfer Fee?:


    1. 4ngeluxpunk
      Hello friend, is still available license vBulletin want to know if the account brings the option to download the vBulletin 4 and 3, and if it is a fixed price or there may be a discount.
    2. Dan Gabriel
    3. koren
      tell me what they say and we make a deal.
    4. Dan Gabriel
      i'd have thought they'd tell me the fee ;) everyone on here says $45 so i don't know if it'll be that.

      if the fee is indeed $45 i'd be willing to let it go for $75 + fee. any less and i'd be getting in the £40 area. and i paid about £150 for it my currency. i'm sure you understand
    5. koren
      i have no problem with skrill
      but tell me what is the fee and we make a deal if you give a good price.
    6. Dan Gabriel
      i have sent it. btw, if they charge the fee, you're willing to pay it? + $90 for license

      and i still don't know if you're ok with paying via Skrill

      i'll let you know what they say and screenshot in my reply
    7. koren
      send the email now.
      tell me what they say
    8. Dan Gabriel
    9. Dan Gabriel
      sorry computer is so slow. here's the screenshots, let me know what other ones you need taken
      i'll send the email now



    10. Dan Gabriel
      ok no worries 1sec
    11. koren
      both and a screenshot of your members area please
    12. Dan Gabriel
      ill send them an email now. before i do, you want screenshots of members or email or both? brb
    13. koren
      check it via the support email.
      send them message about the transfer and ask them if the license is transferable.
      can you send me a screenshot please?
    14. Dan Gabriel
      how do i find out on members? never done this before
    15. koren
      first you checked if the license is transferable?
    16. koren
      yes. i think it's ok here
    17. Dan Gabriel
      nope sorry. we could type in this discussion?
    18. koren
      i can't send a message in the conversation.
      do you have skype?
    19. koren
      Hey man.
      i would like to buy it.
      send me a message