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  • This classified has expired.
Sell IPS Community Suite license

Sell IPS Community Suite license Wanting to Sell

Selling expired IPS license with IP.Board, IP.Content, IP.Nexus, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads

USD 220.00
Things to consider when listing your Invision License:

1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade
IPS Community Suite Licence v3.4.8 with IP.Board, IP.Content, IP.Nexus, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads
2. When does it expire?
It has already Expired
3. Is it able to be legally transferred?
4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc.

I am asking for 220$

This is the current IPB offer for the license and apps in my account:


The license was bought on 25.06.2013 along with the above apps, now they are expired and have to be renewed.


The licences and the apps have to be renewed, these are the renew prices:


NOTE* the current version in my account is 3.4.8, along with the reactivation it will be upgraded to the IPS Community Suite 4

I am asking for 220$, this means that with the reactivation off all apps (+95$) you will get 100$ discount. A total of 315$ with all apps reactivated witch means a brand new license with 6 months of support, or you could reactivate witch app you want and reactivate remaining apps at a later time, your choice.

P.S. I am handing over my full account to the new owner.

If the asking price is met i will offer for free a premium theme for IPS that is worth 30$
The theme is called Snapshot and can be found here.


The support for the theme is now expired, to renew is 10$, once renewed you will receive an upgrade for the IPS 4, or can be used as it is with the current version of IPS witch is 3.4.8.

How Much Is the Transfer Fee?:
License Expiration Date (if any):
Dec 31, 1969
Who Pays the Transfer Fee?:
There Isn't A Transfer Fee