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ExtraLicense.com Is for Sale

ExtraLicense.com Is for Sale Wanting to Sell

Selling domain, database, xf license. All of it.

Accepting Offers
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It is time to move on Ladies and Gentlemen. I simply do not have the time needed to properly run ExtraLicense.com any longer. I tried selling a year ago and all I got was the run around from a few overly ambitious people. If you can't do what you say, don't contact me. I will not accept bitcoin. If you want to use bitcoin, make sure you can convert it first to USD.

Included in the sale is:
  1. Domain, registered with Namecheap
  2. xF license, good until June 10, 2016. License also has Resource Manager, Media Gallery and Enhanced Search addons attached to it.
  3. Any Social Media accounts associated with Extra License
  4. Addons/Style Disclaimer: Although I can provide you a list of the addons used here, I am unsure of their transfer eligibility so some of them may have to be repurchased to lawfully use. It is up to you to perform your due diligence regarding this. I accept no responsibility.
  5. If needed, I can provide hosting for a predetermined amount indefinitely, or until you have time to move the site to your server.
Serious offers only please. Don't PM me an offer of $200. The license alone is worth more than that and I am not desperate.

All discussions will take place in Private. I reserve the right to sell to whom I want. The winning bidder may not necessarily be the highest.

Who Pays the Transfer Fee?:
There Isn't A Transfer Fee