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BLACKFRIDAY: Blesta Owned Unbranded with a free Addon company or BlestaCMS plugin for $150

BLACKFRIDAY: Blesta Owned Unbranded with a free Addon company or BlestaCMS plugin for $150 Wanting to Sell

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USD 150.00
It's that time of year again and at Licensecart we have some cracking deals on offer, all our coupons can be found on our Black Friday website: license.blackfriday

Blesta Owned Unbranded for $150 - BlestaCMS (Worth $100) or 1 Multi-Company addon (Worth $95) included FREE!

Multi-company addon allows you to have two companies (or more) on the same installation, so you only need to update one installation, and each company can be configured differently. Your staff won't know unless they are employees of both companies and they can switch with the dropdown menu. More information: Blesta v3 Videos - Blesta v3: Multi-Company

BlestaCMS is a Blesta plugin which allows you to create custom pages and turns your Blesta into your website. No more making loads of php pages, no more hassle. Need a Blog no problem, BlestaCMS has a blog feature so you can create articles in Blesta and your readers can even post comments (Don't worry you have to approve them to show up).

You also get a custom menu in the CMS so you can manage a custom navigation and keep the Blesta navigation for just that.

What's more is you can get custom pre-made themes for only $5 from the Blesta marketplace: MarketPlace
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